Hello! Welcome to Rice Soup for the Soul blog! I'm Clarice and my closest friends call me 'Rice'.

I think I will like that Chicken Soup for the Soul book. I haven't read it but I have a copy!

Rice Soup for the Soul is my personal blog where I like to share my past, present, and future — past experiences, present thoughts and feelings, or future plans and goals.

The beginning

In 1999, I started this Dear Diary thing. When I was in high school, I've become fond of teen magazines and developed a deep interest in films. My addiction to teen magazines and being a movie buff made me decide to take up Communication Arts in college. One of the best decisions I made! My college days were full of rainbows and unicorns.

A year before college graduation, I created a blog. I wanted to secure a space on the internet to publish my old diary entries - to digitize them!

The art of blogging fascinated me since then. Blogging allowed me to showcase anything I want to anyone in the globe through words, photos, and videos. What a wonderful powerful tool to have in this era!

Fast forward to

-Internship in a publication industry - a fashion magazine to be specific. Inspired by The Devil Wears Prada movie. Memorable experience but in summary: not for me.
-Almost got scammed by a nanny job offer in the UK. Due to this "job offer", I processed and got myself a passport.
-First job in a logistics and remittance company as a Creative Writer. Lived a yuppie lifestyle!

-Learned Photoshop during lunchtime because I said I know how to use Photoshop in a job interview.
-Luckily, I got that job. My second job as Marketing Staff in a real estate company. I did design and copywriting for brochures. Liked it!
-Third job in a mobile/electronics company as Marketing Staff. It's the epitome of "To jobs that pay the rent!" -The Devil Wears Prada.
-Traveled to Singapore for two days and one night ONLY. Spent the night at Changi Airport. My first outside of the country solo trip with an intention of spending the night to sleep at the airport.

-Traveled to Thailand with my (ex)boyfriend. Second outside of the country travel. Bangkok was wonderful!

-Fourth job in a multi-national automotive company. Pay was goooooooood!
-Broke up the (ex)boyfriend

-Traveled to Vietnam with former officemate and to Taiwan with current officemates.

-Traveled to Hong Kong and Macau with a friend.
-Traveled solo to Malaysia and South Korea.
-Traveled to Singapore with a group of officemates. Good times!
-Shared a short-lived relationship with an eccentric guy whom I've learned a lot and turned my perspective of the world to hundred eighty degrees.
-Traveled to Cambodia-Thailand-Malaysia and Indonesia to recover from the breakup and reboot.
-Spent the Christmas eve on the train while en route to Penang and New Year's Eve in Kuala Lumpur.

-Traveled to Japan

-Said my goodbye to the corporate world
-Traveled to New Zealand and stayed there with my relatives for a month
-Published an ebook on Amazon
The King of the Beasts Book Cover


I have an upcoming trip to Myanmar by the end of this week. I will be in a meditation retreat center in Yangon during my 30th birthday. And Bangkok afterward to recover.


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