A Cat Story

Sorry, I don't have any exciting "lockdown" story to blog about. But only this cat story I have.
Since lockdown has been implemented, I am trapped alone in my small apartment. I share this apartment with a college friend but he managed to go home to his family before all the travel ban.

To keep my soul alive, I kept a minimal interaction with my neighbor's cats who all basically live and strive in the street. They're five cats.

There's one old white male cat. I like this cat because he's snob. He looks badass and doesn't give a single fuck. He has this "whachu lookin' at" face. I established a relationship with this cat early on because I give him food when he's around or nearby.

There's this middle-aged tri-color female mother cat. She has a collar and a bell in her neck. Very pampered. There's this stain in her right eye that I noticed. She has two kittens. One is smaller than her brother, so I like her. The brother is a little bigger kitten, so I don't like him, and his fur is perfect. While the little one, seems malnourished so her fur looks thinner, why I want to take care of her.

By the way, I don't like the middle-aged female cat.

Lastly, this one odd looking cat. He meows really loudly. He's white with a few orange patches. I like his nose, it's short. But not that ugly short, the cute type of short nose in cats. His hair, thinning badly, like he has this skin condition. He just appeared just with the pack. I really don't like him at first because I like the male badass one and also I want to take care of the small kitten.

As days and weeks passed by, I gave them food from time to time, this odd looking one turns out to be really affectionate and loyal.

Whenever I go out, he would follow me until the end of the block. He would always, go around my feet. He's such a sweet cat that I learned to love!

The morale of the story is.. we often go for those people who are our type or like. When we should also give those people who seem not our type a chance. <3

I wanna end this post by saying, I am a dog person. And yep, I bark!

Oh, and the small kitten that I liked so much. She disappeared suddenly one day. I don't know what happened. I looked for her around the block. The next day of disapperance and she's still missing, I cried.