Dr. Kwek Kwek, Manila, Philippines


I met a friend I used to work with from a previous company I worked for. She now works near this Kwek-kwek place that is memorable to me. I'm not that much a fan of Filipino street food but I bought myself 5pcs. of Kwek-kwek because of precious memories.

Kwek-kwek is almost the same street food compared to Tokneneng but quail eggs are used instead of chicken eggs.

Tokneneng is a boiled chicken egg, dipped in orange colored dough and fried in deep oil. It tastes best when paired with sliced cucumber and vinegar with chili.

Ten years ago, I was fresh grad and held an entry-level position in a remittance and courier company as a Creative Writer/ Marketing Assistant.

During that time, I have this office mate who is 10 years ahead of me. She'd been with the company for 10 years! While I was only working for a few months that time.

She was pregnant at that time and she would always tag me along to a mall near our office after work.

We would always stop by at this very kwek-kwek place. She'd always request for mixed sauce - sweet + chili. And she always paid for my food. After our quick street food stop, she'd proceed to do her groceries, bank transaction, etc.

Fast forward to yesterday, I got a chance to passed by Dr. Kwek Kwek. I bought myself 5 pcs. of kwek-kwek and the taste just brought back those good times and memories.