August: The Last Month of 2019

Technically, August is not the last month of 2019. Nor any year!

It's just that after August, ber months will follow -- September, October, November, and December.

Time flies twice as fast once during these months. A week passes by very quickly. A month would be hardly felt a 'month'.

Because, Lars Holdgaard is an inspiration. Here are the things my goals and dreams I will work on to achieve by the end of 2019:

Read books:
  1. NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  2. Eat Move Sleep
  3. The Complete 101 Collection
  4. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
  5. Steve Jobs
  1. Cebu
  2. Laos
  3. Malaysia
  4. Singapore
  • Blogging
    • JuicingForTheSoul.net
      • Produce one (1) blog post a week
      • Increase daily traffic to 1686.6 per day from currently at 10 ave. daily to generate monthly income of at least $101.2 from affiliates.  
    • Launch BGC Blog (in Japanese)
      • Buy a domain name
      • Create template for the translator
      • Prepare 75 topics to be published
      • Prepare 15 ready articles to be published and translated
      • Post 3 blog articles per week
    • PhilippineFestivals.org

  • UX Design
    • Concentration on Travel and Hospitality Industry
      • Write everyday on clarice-u.xyz
        • Mobile Apps review
        • Create lo-fi/hi-fi wireframes of suggested apps on Appideas 
      • Portfolio
        • Lacuna, Inc. from The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
        • Bedspacr - Your bed away from your bed!
        • Metro Manila Metro - All you need Metro Manila Subway App
        • AirBud - Find an Airport Buddy
      • Learn UX Tools
        • Sketch (I aign't got no Mac)
        • Adobe XD
        • Figma
        • Invision
        • Balsamiq
      • Finish Online Course on Udacity : UX Design for Mobile Developers
      • Summary of UX Design Jobs Responsibilities and Requirements
(2) 30 min Meditation
(1) 30 min Reading

(2) 30 min Yoga
(1) 30 min Run

I definitely need to improve this list.

Perfect is the enemy of done.

This list is done for today.

That's it for now. Blah!