Puppy Problems

What's the matter?

What's your problem??

Remember when was the very first time you encountered a problem in your life?

adulting problems
What should I do in life when I grow up?

Mine was when I was in Kindergarten. That was around the age of five or six.

In school, after class, my classmates and I would play outside the school's playground before going home. It's often under the watch of our parents who pick us every day.

There was a day when my classmates and I finished playing and it was time to go home. But neither my mom or dad has arrived to pick me. Then I remembered that both of them are out of town that day.

My mother is in a hospital in a city next to us. My father was in Manila for job application.

My brother goes the same school as I did but he was never compelled to be responsible for me.

My school service ride (a tricycle) wasn't in the area anymore.

I saw my classmates leaving with their parents. The sun was setting and soon it will be dark.

Lucban, my hometown, where I grew up is a typical small town. The whole town is small enough that you can walk to most places like the public market, church, and municipal hall.

I was never let to walk alone ever at that time at that age from school.

That was my very first problem in life. I remember thinking of ways to go home and of people I could ask for help.

I decided... to go home on my own, by myself.

But wait.. there's more! If both of my parents are not home. I have to do my homework on my own then, I thought.

I started repeatedly reciting in my mind the spelling of number 5.


I walked alone while constantly repeatedly reciting f-i-v-e.

I felt a great sense of safety when I have reached the entrance of our house's subdivision.

Also, at that time, my brother and I were living in our neighbors. They were the ones to look after us as my mother was still in the hospital.

That probably was the moment as well when I felt tired and relieved at the same time upon reaching the front door of our neighbor's house.

That was a problem for me when I was five. F-I-V-E.