Ahhhhmiss Auckland, New Zealand

Yis, agin, cintir, nicissary... Yip! Sounds a bit Kiwi, right?!

Now it has been almost a year since I was there. And my heart is screaming...

Auckland CBD Skyline
Auckland. Because I was mostly just in Auckland!
Regardless, I miss the whole NZ. Even the South Island.💙
While monsoon season in Manila was about to unfold, I geared myself up for the start of winter of New Zealand.

I endured a 24-hour Manila-Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Lumpur-Gold Coast and finally Gold Coast-Auckland flight to reach one of the most isolated countries on Earth!

When I arrived at Auckland airport, I was a bit weirded out how small, cute airport is. Despite its size, they welcome almost half of NAIA's total number of passengers. In conclusion, its operations are well run and well organized.

My initial two-week planned vacation was extended to a whole month! Extended days to explore and experience Auckland - with relatives or by myself or with a local!

A week passed too quickly. Then, two weeks were gone. Finally, a month in New Zealand has ended and found myself  back in Auckland airport and soon in a 10-hour direct flight to Manila.

5 Things I Do When I Miss Auckland (NZ)
  1. Lurk at r/Auckland on Reddit 👩‍💻 Auckland is the largest, busiest and most populous city in New Zealand. It's not busy as Singapore, not as large as Bangkok, and not as populous as Manila. A sense of belongingness in a small community is apparent. It feels like people would know each other and care for each other..
  2. Anybody willing to help a fellow redditor out? (Takapuna) from r/auckland
  3. Listen to Feel It Still (or Woodstock album of Portugal. The Man) on Spotify 🎧 The music track I listened to on repeat while exploring, walking up and down the streets of Auckland CBD. The song I was listening to while it was semi-raining at 9° and I was semi-running through the crowds along Queen St. to Britomart to catch the train back to Middlemore.
  4. Watch Boarder Patrol NZ on Youtube 📺 Watching Nothing To Declare NZ reminds me of Kiwi accent.
  5. TV Broadcaster of TVNZ1 @jack_tame on Instagram. A musical prodigy off cam! 🤣 I wake up at 6AM (or 2AM PH time) to catch this guy on his morning breakfast show. He's so mesmerising! 
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  7. Eat Kiwi Fruit 🥝 Even if it costly (1NZD) here in Manila. My auntie always made me eat kiwi fruit after dinner. She'd even peel it off and sliced them for me! Really sweet, auntie and fruit!
Gold Kiwi Fruit New Zealand