Homemade Thai Mango Sticky Rice

I won't let myself go to Thailand and not have Mango Sticky Rice. If I can't go to Thailand, then I have to make Thailand go to me.

Basically, it means, I will make a homemade Mango Sticky Rice!

A trip to Thailand without going to one of its many temples? It's insane!

My first trip to Thailand was in 2013 with my ex-boyfriend. The second time, when I crossing Thailand from Cambodia going to Malaysia in 2016. The third time was in 2018 after my meditation retreat in Myanmar.

All those times, I have eaten mango sticky rice. It just has to be that way. If you go to Thailand, you'll visit a temple. If you go there, you'll have to eat mango sticky rice.

I want to learn how to make one for my future café in the near future! I'm trying to learn to cook dishes/desserts I want to be on the menu! I don't sound serious. But I am! Anyway...

Here's how to make Homemade Mango Sticky Rice in 3 simple steps:

  • Ripe Mango
  • Sticky rice 
  • Coconut milk
  • White sugar

Cooking direction:
  1. Boil sticky rice in water
  2. Before the water totally runs out, pour coconut milk with white sugar and set aside some coconut milk for later
  3. Serve when not hot with peeled/sliced mango and coconut milk
Homemade Mango Sticky Rice
Homemade Mango Sticky Rice is sticky indeed!

Noob pro-tip:

Don't overcook the sticky rice.
Don't undercook the sticky rice.