Berlin Syndrome (2017)

The boy meets girl part in the intro not solid and a little shallow. The chemistry between the two at the beginning isn't as convincing to lead them to form a bond and feel hooked with each other.

Surprisingly, the turn of events from the middle to the end of the movie was unexpected. It was not fast-paced nor full-packed. But a few times will make you hold your breath.

I am aware of the Stockholm Syndrome but I still had to reread the meaning on Wikipedia.

Taken (2008) did not stop me from traveling solo to Japan, Korea, Bali, blah, blah, blah... I've met people online and met them in real life. So far, nothing happened and I'm fairly safe up to this day.

After my most recent travel, the people I met, and this movie though!! I must not easily trust people I meet on the road... or even if I meet them from a seemingly safe place like a Buddhist temple!