Bangkok Guide : From Bangkok Airport To Khao San Road

Although I have only been to Bangkok a few times. I have tried almost every public transportation of the city. Bus, taxi, train, subway, tuk-tuk, overnight train, ferry, tourist trap boat, and yes, songthaew! Don't exactly know how to pronounce that. Nope, no mototaxi experience yet. On my next visit!! 😜

As a budget traveler, I'm keen to learn all my options to get around in a new city cheaply. That includes going to Khao San Road from Bangkok Airport by an Airport Bus!

Bangkok Airport to Khao San Road

Two Airports in Bangkok

  1. Suvarnabhumi Airport (32.1 km from city centre) is one of the busiest airports in the world and in Asia. Suvarnabhumi currently serves all international commercial flights coming in and out of Bangkok.
  2. Don Mueang International Airport (27.2 km from city centre) is one of the world's oldest international airports and Asia's oldest operating airport. Don Mueang currently serves most of the low-cost airlines.

Khao San Road: Backpackers Area of Bangkok

Khao San Road is conveniently located near the old city centre of Bangkok. Popular tourist spots like Grand Palace, Golden Mountain Temple, and Giant Swing are within a walkable distance. While Chinatown, Hua Lamphong (Bangkok Railway Station), and Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) are one short-ride away. The reason why most tourist swarm in this part of the city.

From Bangkok Airport to Khao San Road

I usually take my time before I head out of the airport of a new city I am in. Why? Because the moment I step out of the airport, the adventure begins. It is overwhelming for me especially when I don't know how to get to my next destination from the airport!

Lucky you I summarized the cheapest, fastest, safest, and hassle-free way to get to Khao San Road from Bangkok Airport.

💰 Cheapest: Airport S1/A4 Bus
⚡ Fastest: Taxi
🚧 Safest: Book a car through the Grab app
🍹 Hassle-Free: Hotel/Hostel Airport Shuttle

By Airport Bus

From Suvarnabhumi Airport S1 Bus

Operating Hours: 06.00-20.00 (every 30 minutes)
Fare: 60 Baht
Location: Platform outside of 1st Floor at Gate/Exit 7

Bangkok Airport Bus S1
Photo: news.ch3thailand.com

From Don Mueang Airport A4 Bus

Operating Hours: 07.00-23.00 (every 30 minutes)
Fare: 50 Baht
Location: Terminal 1 at Gate 6 and Terminal 2 at Gate 12

A traveler comments in a forum that buses from the airport are always packed and usually empty when en route back to the airport. I second the 'empty'. I was the only passenger from Khao San Road to Suvarnabhumi when I boarded an S1 bus.

Bangkok Airport Bus RouteBangkok Airport Bus Route
 Click the image to enlarge

By Metered Taxi

Operating Hours: Available 24/7
Cost: 350-400 Baht
Travel duration: Less than 30 mins to an hour.

Taxis have no waiting time. You hop on and hop off. But a taxi from Bangkok airport can be a bit pricey. Aside from the meter, the passenger also has to pay for the expressway toll and the airport surcharge (50 Baht).

Taxis are the best option if you're traveling with a group where you can split the total price. Also, if you're arriving in Bangkok airport in the wee hours, taxis can be the best option to get to the city center.

By Uber/ Grab Car app

Uber is no longer operating in Thailand and the rest of South East Asia since April. Don't despair! Grab app is here to save you!

For a family traveling to Bangkok, I highly suggest this option. Grab app is like Uber. You book your ride through the app. It is the safest way to get to Khao San Road without not needing to negotiate with the driver how much to pay!

Cash is king. Use Grab then charge it on your credit card. 😜 The fare varies depending on the time of the day, traffic condition, demand, etc.

By Train/ Subway

Nope. I highly discourage this option. There is no direct subway/train station near Khao San Road.

How about getting to Bangkok Airport from Khao San Road, you asked?

I gotchu Pikachu!

By Airport Public Bus

Suvarnabhumi Airport S1 Bus (60 Baht)
Don Mueang Airport A4 Bus (50 Baht)

Bangkok Bus Route Board
Bangkok Bus Route Board at Bus Stop

When I had an 11 AM flight at Suvarnabhumi on a Saturday morning. I got up at 5 AM. Took a shower, packed my stuff, and ate breakfast in my hostel. Browsed Reddit from 7-8 AM. 👀 Then, I realized I should be at the airport by that time.🏃 I hurriedly grabbed my bag, left the hostel, and walked fast to the bus stop. A bus came in around 08.10. By 08.42, I was already at Suvarnabhumi airport.

So where is the bus stop near Khao San Road?

The bus stop for Bangkok airport buses is a 3-minute walk from Khao San Road.

"But don't feel like taking the bus to the airport!" Of course, a Taxi or Grab will do. Or try an Airport Shuttle...

Bangkok Hostel Airport Shuttle
Photo: Autospost.com

Most hostels around Khao San Road offer a shuttle service to the airport for 150 Baht. Just approach your receptionist to book your schedule of pick-up. They will be the one to reserve on your behalf with the airport shuttle service company. Choose your pick-up time from the schedule matrix available.

This is the most convenient way of going to Bangkok airport from Khao San. No need to carry your backpacks and walk to the nearest bus station. They will pick you up from your hostel's doorstep on your most preferred date and time!

And that's how you travel from Bangkok Airport to Khao San Road!


Big thanks to Luigi from Italy who's now in India! 🙏 He mentioned buses A4 and S1 to me when we were having a chat at the common area of Mint Hostel area Khao San Road.

If you haven't booked any hostel around Khao San Road area yet, I recommend...

Mint Hostel Bangkok Because of free breakfast 🍌🍞, near Khao San Road 🚖🚦, and great social vibe 👌💃! 



In the next few days, I will be blogging about where I stayed near Khao San Road, the Thai food I ate, tried, and disliked 😩 and the things (temples to see!) to do around Khao San Road.