Food Trip at Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan

The sole purpose of my solo trip to Japan last September was to get to Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo before its closing and planned relocation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans to relocate this world-famous and biggest fish market to Toyosu area, which is not very far from Tsukiji. According to news, Tsukiji will serve as a logistics base for the Olympics.

I've learned about Tsukiji Fish Market when I was still in High School. I used to like watching Japan's tourism promotion on free channel. It features Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, and other cool stuff in Japan. Watching clips of the Tuna Auction from television makes me want to witness it in real life.

I went to Tsukiji very early in the morning -- AT 9AM!! (This is not early, this is very late for the Tuna Auction!) But I was not up for the Tuna Auction that day. I just wanted to go to "Tsukiji" before it is demolished and transferred to a new and sleeker location. I wanted to see and feel the aged Tsukiji Fish Market of Japan.

OK, I have to admit that I belong to the Not-A-Fan-Of-Japanese-Food club and this club has very few members in the world. But since I was already there, I tried the foods that caught my eye..

Street food choices in Tsukiji Fish Market


          1 Strawberry Red Bean Mochi (Daifukumochi) JPY 300
          2 Grilled Eel JPY 200
          3 Japanese Omelette (Tamagoyaki) JPY 100
          4 Grilled Squid JPY 500
          5 Sea Urchin JPY 300
          6 Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream JPY 400

Grilled eel? Yes please! Grilled squid? Yes please! Both seemed normal food, so I had no problem eating them. As for the Matcha Greentea ice cream, I can eat any matcha greentea flavored food.

One of my Japanese friends who is now based in Bangkok sent me a picture of Sea Urchin (or Uni in Japanese) while he was on his Business Trip in Japan. After that, I wanted to know myself how Sea Urchin tastes like. Turns out, it's not my cup of tea.

There's a long line for the Japanese omelette, so I went with the crowd. Not bad for 100 JPY. That Strawberry Red Bean Mochi though!! I loved it to Hokkaido and back. It is by far my favorite and it's yummy taste ingrained in my mind.

Although we all know that Tsukiji is for SUUUUUUUSHII!

I refused to get myself into one of many restaurants inside Tsukiji because I think they are swarmed by tourists. Instead, I bought my own sushi set in a stall like this in which one Japanese lady bought one herself.
Not the fanciest Sushi Set that you will find in Tsukiji Market - but still - melts in your mouth! For only JPY 800. Oishi!

Aside from your sushi, you’ll also enjoy the surrounding view from this rooftop where other locals also eat their seafood! Highly recommended for budget travelers. If you’re no cheapo like me, prepare to pay JPY 2500 - 3600 for a typical sushi set available in many nearby restaurants.

If I missed out anything, it is trying Flying Fish Roe (Tobikoand fresh Oyster. Both are widely available. Flying Fish Roe isn't as cheap as other seafood. Fresh Oyster isn't my thing. But these are on my list now should I visit Japan next time.

By12 NN, I have noticed number of stores starting to close their stores.

If by any chance that nature calls while you're in the middle of your food trip, don't fret, clean toilets with warm seats are located at the ground floor near the entrance of the closed indoor air-conditioned market.

How to get to Tsukiji Fish Market by Train

    • Via Hibiya Line - Tsukiji Station
    • Via Asakusa Line - Higashi Ginza Station
    • Via Oedo Line - Tsukijishijo Station
All stations mentioned above are just walking-distance from Tsukiji Fish Market. The nearest station is Tsukijishijo Station of Oedo line but I did not use that one. I used Tsukiji Station of Hibiya Line and Higashi Ginza Station which are both 200M or less from Tsukiji Fish Market

Fresh seafood vendor at Tsukiji.

I admire this man. I walked around Tsukiji and I passed by his store a couple of times. I have observed how he entertains prospect customers. He's a living example of people who are very passionate with what they do. Kudos to this guy!

One of the many seafood snacks store in Tsukiji.

Customers queue in Tsukiji Fish Market.

Watch out! There are many of these transport vehicles around Tsukiji. It's such a trademark that there are available souvenir t-shirts deigned after this.

Inside Tsukiji Fish Market at noon.

Other nearby tourist spots in Tsukiji area

Tsukiji Hongan-ji is a Buddhist Temple near Tsukiji Fish Market. It is accessible via Hibiya Line - Tsukiji Station.

Kabuki-za is a performing arts theater for traditional kabuki drama. For schedule of performances and tickets, visit : Kabuki Web
Latest update: According to Undercurrent News, Tsukiji Market is likely to relocate not any time this year, but likely in 2018 around fall.