Taylor Swift's Reputation (New Album)

The other day, my friend has tweeted me about Taylor Swift's upcoming new album. I've been waiting for this since I'm getting bored with all the things around me.

When I get bored, I call on Christopher Nolan or Taylor Swift to make a new movie or new album to entertain me! So this new album is very much highly anticipated.

I'm kind of excited its release. I want to see the album cover, hear the first single -- especially now that she rekindled her relationship with Spotify. Although I doubted she would return to that pop-innocent-sweet-country music which she did in her early days and which I totally loved.

I looked for Taylor Swift on Spotify and played "Look What Made Me Do" her single and album title. Though it's single, I didn't finish listening to the whole song. It didn't sound 2017. I'm a bit sad again Miss Swift.

The last time I felt sad was in 1989. I mean, when 1989 album was released, my boyfriend at that time and I were having many little troubles and heavy arguments. When 1989 was out in public and they made it available on Spotify, my ex heard it first before I did. He was glad to give me the news about this new album and he seemed to like listening to it. When I got the chance to listen to it, I was like "Our relationship was doomed to end." My predictions were accurate just like when I knew it was going to be us the first time I saw him. I'm Madam Auring in the making!

I downloaded 1989 but deleted everything right after a few days since I couldn't find any song I that I liked. I listened to one song, did not like it, skipped, did not like it, skipped, repeat. I had to force myself to listen to some of her songs in 1989 a couple of months after so my ears would be familiar with her new genre. In time I get to like some of the songs. I liked Wildest Dreams (and its music video!!) but I like Style more (not the music video though!!!).

I mean, I like Harry Styles. Look how fucking cute this guy with that long hair, white t-shirt, and that James Dean daydream look in his eyes!

But, I mean it when I say, I thought Bad Blood was crap the first time I heard it and I think I haven't changed my opinion at all about that song -- it's still a crap!

Some articles claim that only Taylor Swift has made a leap from country to pop and made it so successfully. Isn't it Katy Perry's case as well? Although she pulled the crazy-colorful aura perfectly and it suited her finely. Don't know how, but it just did in my opinion. When she released California Girls after One of the Boys, it did not surprised me that she converted "One of the Boys" to "California Girls". I liked her music from One of the Boys. I think it's raw, indie, and different. But with Taylor's metamorphosis, I was caught off guard.

I have always felt the "feelings" or puso in Taytay's songs from the beginning. I don't hear it and I don't feel it anymore. Although RED was a bit dark, emo, hurt -- it conveyed pretty well its feelings.

The music industry is already filled with modern-techno-pop-house-shitty musics. I listen to them on Spotify's Global Hits for godsake!! I enjoy the fast beat but, the hell, I don't care about those artists. I care about Taylor's music.

I did not really dig in on what's happening to Taylor for the past few years but according to my friend and newsfeed -- she had a long-term relationship with a guy this time, partied a lot with Victoria Secret models and broke up with le boyfriend, dated some more, etc., etc. Wow, she'd been busy which probably why it took her 3 years to release a new album since 1989 in 2017. Whut?

Taylor's Album Releases Timeline

  • Taylor Swift 2006
  • Fearless 2008 (2 years later)
  • Speak Now 2010 (2 years later)
  • Red 2012 (2 years later)
  • 1989 2014 (2 years later)
  • ... Reputation 2017 (3 years later??!?!??)

I think Taylor and I just went on two different direction, two separate ways. I really do wish her luck! Just like me and my ex-boyfriend, we both have to move on and find new songs that we'd dance to its beat untirelessly.

P.S. Just kidding! I'm still that kid who will always love Taylor!! #13Forever