My Opinion on "13 Reasons Why"

You'd know when a US TV Series is a hit when your friends on Facebook start posting their opinion about it. It's how I noticed "13 Reasons Why".

While one of my friends posted "Need to see a watch a chick flick." right after he finished watching the whole series of 13 Reasons Why. This made my ask, "Why?". So I got curious. Another friend kept on updating his status on Facebook on how he felt after watching every episode. But that's only on how people talked about 13 Reasons Why on Facebook.

A different 13 Reasons Why sesh also happened in the office. I know what you're thinking "it's just a bunch of high schoolers, why would you be curious of a TV Show full of millennials' drama?"

Because an officemate changed my perception about this show full of teenagers, full of drama when he said to me, "The person committed a suicide, THERE MUST BE A MAJOR REASON BEHIND IT!"

Truth is, I find it shallow when I first tried watching the 30-minute of the first episode of the show. It was the usual high school hallway, high school lockers, high school backpacks. In short, I lost my interest to watch it. Until my officemate said that to me, "The person committed a suicide, THERE MUST BE A MAJOR REASON BEHIND IT!"

So I tried watching again on a Sunday in one sitting.

I discovered that the show touched a sensitive issue of the society in which everyone is familiar with. Everyone had been through it in their life - either they were guilty of it or had been a victim of it. BULLYING.

In this drama series, there are two types of people - a bully and bullied at school. But in real life, you can be booth -- a bully and bullied at the same time.

Here are other things I realized from watching 13 Reasons Why: **Spoiler Alert**

Loving a person and not being able to let them know your feelings before losing them is devastating **ahem** Clay.

The lives of many doesn't just stop when someone decided to stop theirs **ahem** Courtney. Many tries to survive and fight their struggles to not result to discontinue living (even though their own life sucks.) **ahem ahem** Courtney again!

Some bullies at school have their own issues at home **ahem** Justine. While others have an access to control the world from their home **ahem** Bryce.

In terms of originality though, this drama is kind of a mixed of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. But the soundtrack is awesome!!

At end.. it did not end. So maybe they're now cooking Season 2 and you don't want to be left out again by the time its aired on Netflix.