Exploring Taiwan : Maokong Gondola, Taipei Zoo, and Shilin Night Market

Before the Holy Week of 2015, two of my office mates and I already booked to Taiwan in November.

I wanted to document every moved we made in Taiwan from arrival to departure! So I used my smartphone which is a Cherry Mobile Alpha Style that I bought last 2014.Using Microsoft's OneNote app on my phone I captured photos, jotted down notes, and even recorded random interesting audios while exploring Taiwan!


1:30 Arrived in Taiwan from the Philippines.

Taiwan Airport

6:00 Decided to leave the Taoyuan International Airport and go to the city by bus. Bus ticket to Taipei City is NTD 125 (USD 4)

6:40 The bus left the airport.

7:20 Arrived at Taipei Main Station and walked to Homey Hostel.

7:40 Arrived at Homey Hostel to drop our bags as check in time is around noon. The hostel was not hard to locate and very near from Taipei Main Station. Another friend who arrived in Taiwan two days ago joined us.

8:30 Homey Hostel opened. Breakfast is served. (Not for us! We have not checked in yet!)

9:10 Left the Homey Hostel to explore the city of Taipei.

9:30 Quick stop at McDonald's for NTD 71 breakfast.

Taiwan McDonalds Breakfast

9:43 Back on the road off and off to Taipei Main Station for MRT.

Taipei MRT Station

Taipei MRT Train

10:40 Grabbed a Green Tea Sundae for NTD 80 and a Milk Caspy Bar Original NTD 0.25 at Taipei Zoo Station.

Taipei Zoo Station

11:11 Queued at Maokong Gondola heading to eat Oyster Pancakes!

Maokong Cable Car

Taipei Cable Car

12:26 Maokong Gondola food court for lunch in which I tried Oyster Omelet (NTW 70) which I didn't like, a Pancit Lomi (NTD 50) and a bottled green tea drink (NTD 30).

Maokong Gondola Food Court

14:24 Found ourselves walking along a very endless long road.

14:50 Felt tired so we stopped at Taiwan Zoo Bus Station. Took a community small bus in which we have no idea where it was going. We paid NTD 15 for the bus ride.

Maokong Gondola Station

15:00 We ended up at the entrance of Taiwan Zoo. Paid an entrance fee of NTD 60 to explore the zoo and see Pandas.

Panda Taiwan

Panda Shop

16:30 Took a bus from Taipei Zoo to Gondola Station (NTD 5)

17:00 Back in Maokong Station and got to try Spring Roll Ice Cream for NTD 40.


18:00 Left Taipei Zoo Station to Shilin Night Market via MRT

Taiwan MRT Train

18:30 Made wacky faces at a photo booth in Taipei Zoo Station

19:00 In Daan Station, we transferred to Line 1 for Shilin Night Market

19:30 Arrived at Taipei's Shilin Night Market

Taiwan Night Market

22:00 Shilin Night Market is very much still alive and kickin'. We shopped 'till we dropped! Items I bought at the night market:
  • Meat on stick NTD 25
  • Rooster charm NTD 100
  • Giordano pants NTD 600
  • Adidas running shoes NTD 1590
  • Taiwan Beer NTD 100
  • Large Chicken (the tastiest deep fried chicken I tasted in my life!)
23:37 At Jiantan Station going to Homey Hostel to call it a night

0:56 Lights out