3:34 and it's raining. It is pouring hard. It caused me to get out of the couch because I was taking a nap. It is heavy rain that I think will create another flood in my neighborhood, which is one of the lowest of my town. That's why all the water sums up here. I will tell you I am not a fan of rainy days or rain. I love sunshine and sunrises but here I am watching all the million droplets of rain. I've been asking some people I know and they all been fascinated by the rain. They love the sadness and the dullness that it brings. I remember when I was a kid when my mom told me that when you stare at the rain droplets for a second you'll see them dancing. You try! But now seems like i've been always busy and no time to notice what surrounds me. Lighting that comes along with heavy rain. I don't like rain because it scares me at night and it keeps me with my umbrella when I have to go out. I also remember, again, my dog. When going to school even if it rains he's always with me until I get to mt ride to school. Poor dog. If there's I remember from my mom about the rain surely there is something from my dad, too. My dad is also one of the people I know who loves rain. Not unless when he has to do some work and rain will make him stop. He used to tell me that he doesn't care wheather it is raining he would just make coffee and relax inside the house. He's a bit dramatic. Now its starting to flood around the neighboor. I wonder how high will the flood be in today's rain. Not from a far there's group of kids playing in the rain. Have you experience that when you were a kid? That's memorable because I do have a memory playing in the rain. oh my goodness. These kids were like in a kiddie swimming pool. I would react that these kids might get sick but what I think is that playing in the rain and exposing their body in the enviroment will develop their body of strong immune system. Anyway, there's also something about the rain with my Uncle's story. My uncle Pito said that it feels good when you are inside of a bus and you'll see the rain flowing in your window and you'll go "ahh!" and it will make the glass moist. Rain is bad for my cactus and orchids. They don't need so much water. The house next to us, is renovating their roof and here comes the rain. They have to cover their selves with the nylon-platic-cover. What else do I know about the rain? not in scientific terms but more creative side. Is there a legend about how the rain becomes a rain? There's a house, one of my neighbors house, whos in flood right now. And the woman living in there has to jump over and stepped on a small childrens chair. Oh I remember when I was a kid and we would see that the sun is covered with rain clouds some of my playmates would draw a sun in the street so the rain won't fall and would not distract our play. And we'll all sing; "Rain rain, go away" "Come again, another day" Does anybody know if there are people who's to make a living is when it rains. And if its doesn't they won't earn money? I know I have to revise that last statement/ question/ sentence. The rain is lighter now. My town is right at the foot of the Mountain and it is blessed that we always have a rain even summer and almost everyday raining when November to February. Imagine that. But there also onething. The eldery here in my town believe that when there are tourist or visitors or alien that's visiting the Mountain the rain comes to the town. So what to do with that dilemma? We natives just have to bring eggs (at the one place there in the mountain ) Yes! eggs. so that it won't rain. I really have no idea if it works or not. But its the tradition, its the culture. Flood is gone, Heavy rain is over. Good day! c' ' ;)