Soloist in Kuala Lumpur

I arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport right after midnight. I decided to wait until the sun come up before going to the city or any other destination. Airport is always safer, believe me. Stay there. Sleep. And freshen up.

By six in the morning, the sun is barely up in the sky. It's still oddly dark. Coming from a country where the sun is already in your face by 5:30 in the morning during summer, it's quite blizzard here in Malaysia. I'm ultra lazy, I'd even be lazier to get up in the morning if I'm from here.

Yes, I decided to get my ass off from my newly favorite spot (see previous post), and drag myself towards an information desk.

According to Google, to get to Bukit Bintang area (where I'll be staying at) from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2, I must go to KL Sentral by bus (metro station where all the MRTs meet, I suppose), from there I must ride a green train to AirAsia Bukit Bintang Station. Ha! Piece of cake, right?


I begun my journey with asking the receptionist how to get to KL Sentral, which is cheaper: train or bus, and how much would it cost me. Bus is cheaper, it's myr 11 (php 130). Buses are located at the ground level of the airport. From arrival, you must go downstairs to get to the busses. Ticket booths are also located there. Very easy to locate. Comfort room in the ground level is cleaner than CR in the  departure/arrival area of the airport by the way.

The bus left from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 past 7:30 in the morning. Go ahead and take a nap, the commute is about an hour and half!! The bus driver is no way in a hurry. Traffic is light, just right considering it is a city and on a weekday. There are no other stops, it will stop only at its final destination in KL Sentral.

When I reached KL Sentral, it is quite confusing, we got off in an underpass. KL Sentral is located upstairs. Take the escalator, walk along with other passengers who know what they're doing. Upstairs the train map is also confusing. There are no train map flyers available in KL Sentral. You will only have to rely on the train map board.

I bought my train ticket (or plastic coin) in the ticket vending machine available around the area. From KL Sentral to AirAsia to Bukit Bintang it cost me myr 2.50 (php  30). I made a terrible mistake by getting to a platform which is isn't the train I'm supposed to hop on. I just waste myr 2.50. To correct my mistake, I approched an MRT guy and asked him where the train to AirAsia Bukit Bintang  is. It was in the other building. A few minutes walk from the KL Sentral. Then, I found what I was looking for: the Monorel MRT line (the green one) that would take me to Bukit Bintang.