5 of 100 : My Roadmap to Happythankyoumoreplease

OK, so I'll admit it -- I have not completely moved on yet. This just means that there will be more Htymp posts soon! As I'm experiencing first hand that there is really a process in moving on, there are also stages that I have not gone through yet. In which people would say to me, "Whoa! It's been too long! Hugot ka pa din?" I'll expound on this in another post. So while I'm currently on the process of moving on and leaping from one stage of the break-up to another, I am also learning how to let go.

Let go all the anger. Happy memories I can vividly remember - I'm letting it go. Traumatic experiences that still haunts me at times - let it go. Positive traits I treasure and negative traits I tried to understand - LET THEM GO.

Tonight though, I've learned from Harvey Specter where and how to start to let go. It is not by unblocking the person on facebook but by feeling grateful within and to say to that person:

I wanted to thank you.. for almost 3 years.

Then, Coldplay's The Scientist starts playing on the background ..but I still won't go back to the start.