Cherry Mobile Windows Phone Alpha Style

Ok, so I got myself a new Cherry Mobile phone - Alpha Style for only Php2,999 that runs in Windows OS, 1.2GHz Quad-Core, 5MP Rear Camera. Front camera - 0.something pixels.

It's in crystal clear back casing - really prone to scratches and finger prints.

Screen resolution is OK if you're not too sensitive. Or maarte! Not as fine as those of Samsung's but hey, you get this phone for only Php 2,999!

Scrolling isn't as smooth as what I am used too. But it's not gonna make you want to throw the phone to the wall *coughs Cherry Mobile Hyper So anyway.. rejoice for Windows Phone has come to people like us with very limited budget!!

So, let's begin..

First, you might just want to register your new Windows Phone so you can customize your phone and be able to download apps and games. Create an Outlook account here: sign up now 

1. Can I use my Windows Phone without creating an account on Microsoft site?
>> Yes, you can. But no. What's wrong with you?

2. But why?
>> Because that's how the world works, darling. You get an Android Phone, you create a Google Account. This is a genius strategy because last June, Google has dominated the market with 1 billion Andoid users. (This has no basis, I didn't check the stats, I just assumed it.)

After registering successfully, you'll be faced with trouble logging in with your newly created Outlook account. You might get this 800c0019 error code but don't sweat. It's not your slow connection. Neither because you bought a Cherry Mobile phone. Your solution is simple, change or correct the date and time of your new Windows Phone and you're good to go. If it isn't resolve by changing the date and time, then I don't know.

How to do it:

Go to settings > date+time > then, change your Windows Phone date and time

Finally, sync your Windows Phone with your PC or Laptop. (This is BS btw because Apple started it all. You can't do anything with your Apple gadget unless you have installed an iTunes on your PC. Or Mac. Whatever.)

Download Windows phone app for desktop: HERE

I'd probably post some more about this AMAZING phone. Because I'm liking it.
Take a quick tour, watch this video: