Oh hello Miss Rice!

Oh hello to myself!

I have not visited this blog in a looooong time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

By the way this blog must be BURRRRRNED! It has no content at all. I reviewed it and see some past previous post --- it's all piece of garbage.

I am in rage. I'm bitter. That is what I am and this post.

Right now, I must finish this post. But I am hungry. So I might not get this done. I'll try.
A little later, my roommate would probably get up from his long sleep and he'd probably volunteer to buy our food outside.
Later this afternoon, I'd probably walk into the cinema to watch that Samurai X. Not a big anime fan. But I liked the first one which was in the cinemas last two years.
Tonight, I'd like to go for a run around The Fort.
That's the plan. Today.

Let me take you back to what happened several days ago.
Yesterday, I went out to run around BGC area.
The day before yesterday, I was able to find and buy a running shoes I really liked for less that 15 minutes in Market Market.
Two days ago, I punched a wall so hard because I was angry. I punched it again that moment twice. Because of madness.
There. Stop right there.