Unionbank Cyber EON Virtual Credit Card for Paypal

I've always wanted to shop at Amazon.com. But never had a credit card. Even when I started working! Such a shame. So for those, like me, who are dying to get themselves a credit card, Unionbank's EON Card is the answer to our prayers.

Not only that this card will allow you to shop at Amazon.

You may also get started bidding at ebay. Link your card with PaypalUse it to buy music on itunes. Buy apps on google play. Or start buying items from Jazon Mraz site, like this LOVE necklace:
YES, shop until you get a carpal tunnel!

Anyway, going back to the debit card, the part that I hated the most was getting one was when I found out that the branch has no photocopier machine! They made me have my IDs photocopied outside, and God knows where the shops that offer photocopy service are. Some people would probably deposit tons of money at their branch yet they couldn't afford to have a xerox machine.

Note: Bring your IDs and have them photocopied before going to the branch of your convenience.

At the bank, they make you fill out two identical forms. Ask you few questions like what your job is, where do live, and such. They'll make you pay for Php350 for annual fee like any other credit cards. For complete set of other fees, click here. Theh, they hand me a receipt and told me to go back after 3 banking days to get my card.

Surprisingly, exactly after 3 days, I got a text message from Unionbank that I could pick it up. Hmm.. not bad, Unionbank! Apply now online, click here.

As for the group of people who requested for the no. of the back of this card, it's 143. xoxo Thank for your comment, fellow netizen! This blog really appreciates it. Aside from that 3 digits you're requesting to get rich, why not also try this:

Do it for a living, for the common good. Be rich! Make your momma proud. Cheers~