The List

What if? A question so simple yet so complex as well.

What if two people that is perfect for each other have already crossed their paths but didn't get that enough time to know each other. And being such fool people like us, we'll just assume the one's we met in such short period of time are not the right one's for us. Because destiny didn't let us to get to know this person.

What if two people have been great friends for the longest period of time and they just let themselves be friends with one's that's really meant for them. And being smart people like us, we long and search for other half.

I've decided to reblog a list. A guy's list of his dream girl. Sharing it to the internet without the guy's permission or a clue that some stranger had been keeping it all this time. He has deleted the blog a few years back. He may have changed over the years. Or he may have learned something new about  himself and forgotten this list ever existed. But I held on onto them. Until now. Until now that I am letting it be exposed again to the unknown crowd.

He wrote this list during his college years. I came across it during my senior year in college. By the time I got to read them, he has already graduated college and currently taking medicine proper. I'm a working girl now. And I'm ready to this list be shared.

1. has crushes on other girls
2. must have own sense of humor
3. isn't a lesbian
4. bi is just fine
5. doesn't cuss
6. can make her own language
7. thinks lefties are insane
8. well-read
9. good library of books
10. not 20/20 vision
11. into a few sports but not athletic
12. flexible taste in music
13. doesn't go to bars/go clubbing
14. drinks alcohol only on rare occassions
15. can teach me how to waltz properly opps..
16. moody
17. can put up with my moodiness
18. not an engineering or business major
19. good conversationalist
20. fun to have shallow arguments with
21. understands the beauty of circular reasoning
22. will not look at me in a funny way whenever i think life is just another joke
23. long hair
24. nice teeth
25. wears skirts because she thinks they're... cute
26. will not hesitate to scold me when i get all..pompous
27. laughs at my mistakes without being ashamed of me
28. even if she can't sing, she 'sings' with real emotion
29. has watched high fidelity
30. passes the 'smashing pumpkins morality test' weh?..
31. doesn't think i'm too gay
32. lives, at most, 3 hours away from me
33. will not mind me calling at 3AM just to tell her i love her
34. remembers her dreams
35. nice ears i got two little ears, i hate 'em
36. awkward kisser
37. likes water
38. lets me go out with high school friends for weird, mindless shit
39. likes my name
40. can swim well
41. believes in god, regardless of religion
42. good in math and chem
43. read the newspaper regularly
44. patience
45. quiet most of the time
46. will pay for dinner/lunch half the time
47. suddenly screams
48. knows how to cook
49. will teach me how to cook
50. maintains a journal (online or otherwise)
51. fair complexion
52. will use make-up only when threatened
53. nice
54. modest
55. jollibee
56. enjoys hanging out at malls
57. lets me stay in her room, poking at her stuff
58. particular scent
59. will let me smell her hair i cut it short..but
61. hates guys as much as i do ...
62. intro/extrovert
63. medium neurosis
64. coffee
65. doesn't talk about kids or whatever (scary)
66. soft hands
67. not three+ years older than me
68. writes
69. lets me read her stuff
70. imperfect
71. knows how to share feelings
72. understands i have to maintain my record addiction
73. lets me play loud music
74. smart (bookish and street smart)
75. fiddles with my hair
76. can just get into a staring match for more than 30 minutes
77. unique weirdness
78. will read and give honest opinion of my stuff
79. opinionated
80. can drive
81. knows how to commute
82. gets along with parents
84. knows how to save money
85. honest
86. shares feelings
87. fresh breath
88. lets me nibble her ears
89. doesn't like porn
90. fun to travel with
91. monogamous
92. rakenrol
93. tries new things like?
94. goes to gigs with me
95. lets me sleep on her shoulders
96. not gadget-freak
97. asks questions
98. funny
99. homebody
100. ... makes me happy and i can make her happy.