I think people has this tendency of copying someone else's mannerism or expression. Especially if the person they copy is someone they like that they frequently get to have a conversation with.

In my work, I usually communicate with coworkers from different departments thru online. Simple words to communicate faster such as: noted, thanks, and okay are always useful. Sometimes, people tend to get more creative by using different versions of these words.

Based on my Almanac, the word O.K. was created by Martin Van Buren, a democratic candidate, for his political campaign that means Old Kinderhookfor, his hometown. Later on, people invented their own.

Okay. Okey. Oki-doki. Oki-doks. Oki. Okies. Oks. And world's famous -- k.

Would you guess what I hate the most? Meeeennggggkkk... You're wrong. It's not the k that I hate. It's the oks. 'Cos sounds like pukes.