Welcoming Rodents

I will never forget my first night here in my current apartment. I moved in all my stuff around four in the afternoon. The sun was still up and noises from the outside of the house like tricycles and neighbors chatter were present. By the time when that the darkness and just when I was about to prepare myself to go to bed. I grabbed my toothbrush nd hand towel to freshen myself up, I found cockroaches in the sink area they were so many I hurriedly brushed my teeth and fly back to my bed.

Few days after that memorable night, my landlady assisted me to move to the 2nd floor as we have agreed. Another first night that IT had to use the simk to brush teet h I found another clan of cockroaches in the kitches, they were everywhere!!

No question about how clean is this old house that I live in. The question lies what is beneath this house.

So long, my very hospitable rodents!

6:24 PM