We were both young..

Listening to Taylor Swift while waiting for the results of my chest ultrasound inside this hospital. So classic.

I've said it a thousand times --- I DISCOVERED TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!

Back in October of 2008, I was soo into this guy I met during my high school friend's wedding. We were paired up by my friend, Jackilyn and the groom, Bryan. He was Bryan's friend from College. I was told that I'd be partnered up with Bry's friend who was a little, too, picky with love. At dinner, the night before the big day, Kevin, the bride's little sister, gave me some hints about this mystery man. That guy was a med-proper student and an absolutely smart guy.

At the wedding, my partner was late!! Big fail. I didn't walk the aisle with him. It was at the reception when we got the chance to walk as partners. He wasn't a good looking guy. Not so tall. Shape? A little heavier than normal guys. Fair complexion. Wears glasses. Nope, he wasn't my type at all.

Maybe two or three days agter the wedding, I cyber stalked the guy on facebook. And I got more curious. I asked for the guy's blog. And the rest is history.. I liked him for his posts. :-)

I got addicted to reading his blog and felt some love. I was a little high, I used google to help me out in finding the right song for my mood. And they gave me Taylor Swift's Love Story.

The song was only played on local radio around February of 2009.

Now, at the hospital..
waiting for the results,
wishing for one last glance.

2:22 PM