Red Lippy

Released last October 22, with 16 original tracks, Taylor Swift's new album entitled RED.

The Last Time, I'm Asking You This
Ayun na naman yung maingay na gitara ng Snow Patrol. You cannot not distinguish his voice and the band's Don't get me wrong because I, too, like listening to Snow Patrol.

Stay Stay Stay
Repeat repeat repeat

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Still is the best track, a sure ball single to hyped up the album

Begin Again
On a Wednesday, in a cafe.. such a dramatic words.

Holy Ground
Fast rythm. No dull part.

Another weird-clever-bitter Taylor Swift songg~

I'll publish a more reliable, legit album review ---- soon! Maybe another Taylor's album. Hek! :-)
This review wouldn't be possible without my lilililllily thoughtful boyfriend. Hii~ Thanks for the copy. :*

Taylor's RED available here: