Another Chance

Exactly almost two years ago when I was sitting inside a conference room facing
a group of panel from ABS-CBN Star Cinema's Creatives. I had to choose a Tagalog
movie and defend it to them. Tell them Strength, the Weakness, the O, and the T
of the movie I chose. With all the courage I could pull out inside my body and
all the creative juices that I could get from my brain, I tried to make them
believe that I could be the one. The writer that could make her bosses laugh and
cry through her stories. A writer who'd closely collaborate with other bunch
of other writers. A writer who could pour her heart out and touch millions of

But how could someone do that if I, myself, haven't experienced love. Endured
pain. Get hurt. And, I, who is someone who hasn't offered someone all she
can offer for the happiness of someone she really loves.


I must admit that I haven't given this movie the enough attention it deserves.
As someone who'd been a Hollywood movie fan, I have never ever realized that
a Pinoy movie could ever make me cry. Not once. Not twice. Many times.

Ako ba si Popoy o ako si Bashang?

I would write down all the quotable quotes from this movie, if I wasn't
wiping up my tears the whole time.

Ang sakit sakit.

Maybe I have never really experienced love. Maybe I have never been hurt in
my life. I was really affected. Every line in this movie touched me. I could
see me playing a role of either one of them.

Naiintindihan ko na. I am really really sorry. I love you. Good night.

11:12 pm