do, re, mi, fa - SOL.

I wanna go home so bad. :(
What a painful month it had been.

All the jealousy. The Pride and Ego. Hurtful words.
Silence. Sleepless nights. Bitterness. Loss of appetite.
Darkness. Unable to walk and move. Laziness towards work.

What I plan to do now are these, and wish that these activities would help me.

See ang hangout with my high school friends.

Watch Romeo and Juliet, starring the young Leonardo YummieCarpio.

Record myself performing Linger by The Cranberries.

Dog walk. Feed him. Shower him all the love that I still have. Remind him how to play fetch.

Finish a book in a day, The Devil amd Miss Pyrnn by Paulo Coelho.


Use my old school Minox Camera. We need a roll of film.

Sing for ABBA and dance with Lady Gaga.

Bond with my old Pop. See my nephew.

See If Only and cry all my heart out.

Cook! Gain my lost appettite back.

Bike from Lucban to Luisiana and back. And bike again around the town.

Catch the sunrise :)

Kalkalin at ibalintong yung buong bahay! Haha

Love. Soft Laughters. Joy. Forgiveness.
Acceptance. Faith. A smile. Pray.
And retain every memory of the good times.

No mistakes. No regrets.
Just lessons learned.
That was a good fight. Drop your sword.
And you may now walk away from the battle field.

Time to go home, Soldier.