Some Bite

According to Pychofactz.com, my favorite source of weird facts, -- it took me so long to construct the earlier paragraph now I lost what I was really trying to say. Fact!

Been paranoid with Paraben for so long right after a friend told me about how this ingredient that can be found in beauty products actually cause breast cancer. Based on my observation though, the most common you will see on your favorite deo or moisturizer is Metylparaben. Don't be fooled by this. Metylparaben is actually naturally produced and can be found in berries the article say.

With Sun Cellular's Sun Power Text Unlimited. Spend Php 200 per month to avail unlitext Sun to Sun and 500 text to other networks! Oh la laa..

Looking forward to Taylor Swift's new album Red to be released this October. I've said this million of times already -- I HAVE DISCOVERED TAYLOR SWIFT!! I was first.

I miss blogging. I wish I could create as many post as Sacha Chua. Only maybe more personal posts. Fun stuff. Cool things. Lighter side.

Thought of the day, I'm becoming a mad woman as the day goes by. As for them.. they'll become a lazy pig ass in the long run. And yeah, I do miss the old times.