So I  have been wondering why I haven't been blogging about this special guy in my life now. Maybe.. Maybe because I have written about him few years ago. :P

24th January, 2011
Why do you look down on yourself?
Because I'd rather have someone special lifting me up.

16th September, 2011
There's an unexplainable reason why I love my dog. I'm so
missing him after just being away for a week from home.
I wish to be with a guy for the same unexplainable reason.

2nd June, 2010
All of the people I know thinks that everything that I do
is weird. All I need is that one person who thinks that
everything that I do is cute.

No date, 2010
Meron bang lalaki na mapapahalagahan ka nang dahil hindi sa
nanliligaw kasi siya?

7th November 2011
Previous relationships should teach people to change. They should
learn a lesson from the past experience and move on.
This means they should be a better person than they used to be for
them to be able to say they are ready for a new relationship. If
there's no growing up, change, or lessons learned to a person,
therefore, they are not ready to be in a relationship again or will
only end up with what happened before.

2nd December 2009
Tired of eating out alone.
Tired of going to the movies alone.
Tired of doing the groceries alone.
Tired of sharinf problems to the family.
Tired of cracking joke to friends.
Tired of walking home alone.