Gir, I'm dommed!

Doomsday has come.
I am doomed.

Facebook has sent me a notification that someone from New Jtersey USA has logged into my facebook account. I was in Singapore three weeks ago, yes. BUT I WAS NEVER IN NEW JERSEY OR IN ANY PART OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!

I immediately did certain necessary actions. Using computer at work, I changed my facebook's password!! That was one.

But now, I'm still paranoid who the f#ck the hacker was. Was it a virus or something? Gawd. Idk. So I finished reading facebook's email re this device in NJ who logged into my account. Facebook's advise were:

1. Save the device I use in logging into Facebook. In my case, it's this laptop. Or some other million PCs in computer shops.
2. Change my facebook's password.
3. CHANGE MY EMAIL'S PASSWORD. Which is the reason why I'm effing doomed right now.

I couldn't change my email's password. Damnit. I've tried. Aol has their own ways. Brrrrr...

If you'd like to change your aol password. This email provider will ask you the Security Question you answered 600 million years ago, which you forgot the answer already. Mine was.. What is your favorite childhood book? I've tried:

1. Ugly Duckling
2. The Princess and the Pea
3. The Little Price
4. The Alchemist

All answers were rejected!!! I'm definitely doomed.
BUT WAIT.. There's mooore. They offered my another option on how I could change my password. All I got to do is fill out the online form; birth date, gender, and zip code.

Birthdate: Everybody knows!
Gender: I'm never confused!!
Zip code: The same four numbers since I was born.

OH MY GOSH! To my surprise, my answers were all rejected. And then they showed me this on my monitor.

Now, I'm really really am doomed.

So I decided to think of other ways to protect my account. Aha! Why not change my email address?  :)
WRROOOONNGGG! All my passwords are recorded in my planner which I purposely left in the office today! There's no way in hell I could guess the password I use on my hotmail account.


This will cheer me up a bit.