Soul Searching in Singapore

Diana Van Walsum went to Egypt when she was 16. Alone.
Jose Rizal went to Spain when he was 21. Alone.

At 23, I still haven't got out of country.

I booked myself a one-way ticket to Singapore last May via Cebu Pacific. I have no enough money to pay for a round trip ticket. By July, I booked a return ticket.

When I arrived in Singapore around past 12 or 1 in the morning, I had no idea where to go. I was at the budget terminal and every co-passenger I was with was leaving the airport I hadn't seen anyone who looked like planning to stay in the airport until the morning. I changed my USD100 to SGD. I only have few bucks to spend here. I headed to the exit door. I saw the queue for cabs. I lined in there with people heading to the city. I, I had no idea where I'll be heading. I heard Filipinos speaking Tagalo. There there was this guy who says, "Anybody wants to share a cab?" I was like.. Uhhhhh ----- NOO! Not in the middle of the night!!!  So, I got into my own cab. It was I and the Singaporean taxi driver with his strong Singaporean accent when speaking English. I didn't know most of the words that came out his mouth. But I was pretty sure he was upset that I was his passenger. And I know exactly know why... BECAUSE I HAD NO DESTINATION!!!!

I told the driver to take me to the nearest 7Eleven. Of course, it was a crazy idea and it only happen in the movies. Next stop... Brazil!