Akala ko kangkungan na.

Last September 1. Exactly a month ago, I got terminated from my work. I like the word terminated than "not signing a new contract."

Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines

Today is October 1. Yes, right. I haven't been blogging in a while. I've been busy fixing things I destroyed.

Last month had been a rough one. But it made me tougher as a person. There had been things I did wrong. I should have stayed doing the right things. But instead, I did the opposite. I've learned that there are people who were born to treat others in an unkindly way. I shouldn't have been carried away by them. I should have just let them to be the bad people. I shouldn't have counter-attacked them. It was a mistake.

Today, I'm writing this down to commemorate the one month that passed. And to celebrate my survival after that tragedy.

As I was talking to my officemate earlier about school, love, and work stuff.. There's one significant thing she said to me that is worth quoting for "You're meant to be here," says my officemate.

Buti na lang Cherry pala! :)