I don't want a Super Saiyan husband.

I want to be married to a Shaman King and be hailed as a Shaman Queen.

It had been several months ago when facebook users started to post a cartoon character as their profile pic in support to the campaign against violence on children.

I should have posted her : ANNA KYOYAMA

Although I only started watching Shaman King back when I was in college and I don't think it's is considered "childhood".

Pragmatic, seems cold, harsh and gives an all out support to the one she loves to make his ultimate dreams come true. Sounds like me. I don't even need this How To article.
"Who would forget something like that. Above anyone else, I hold a grudge against the world... but... but even more than that... I have begun to love this man".
What the hell am I blogging about???!?!