Drop Call.

Remember back when people uses the term 'drop call'? When a person who called you will only stayed on the line for only and ONLY less than 5 seconds so the his carrier would not charge him for that 5-second call.

Well, fastforward to the present..
I have two cellphones like most of the people I know. But unlike them I only get few calls mostly re work, and receive few text msgs mostly from very close friends.

Even though I have two perfectly working cellphones, we still have a landline at home which occasionally rings. And when it does, I have 3 guesses who could calling:
1. One of my 3 high school friends who are still living in Lucban.
2. Digitel's billing rep reminding us the amount due and the due date.
3. Wrong number.

That is why when I answered that one call the other day, I knew it was you. I heard your voice and I listened to the sound of your breath.

''You had me at 'hello'.''

Good morning! I'm going to bed.