A Puppy Day Afternoon

My mom certainly knows my weaknesses. And so she used it.

Football, movies, internet and.. oh yes, dogs. These are the major things that make my life exciting, fun and wonderful.

I feel like my life is so dull the past few weeks so, I told myself, "I should get a dog. Or a boyfriend." A dog is never cheap. A boyfriend would be more practical. My girl friend told me two years ago that I should not get a dog. Because when I have a dog, I don't get lucky on love.

Before noon today, I got a surprise from my mom: a dog. Actually, she texted me this morning about this dog I should get in my uncle's house, four blocks away from our house. Here he is:

<insert name here>: A Dog's Story

He doesn't have a name yet. I used to name my dogs staring with B's: Bogart, Bruno, and Bruha. They were all petite askals. That'w why I picked these big, brave and bad sounding names for my pet. Hmm.. So, what name should I give him? ..Bentong? Hahhahahhaha Because this puppy looks like will be a real big, brave and bad dog.

I promised myself, I wouldn't get a dog unless there's a veterinarian clinic in my town. As of now, there is one that I know of. A clinic will let me save my dog's life when he gets ill or sick. If he accidentally ate chicken bones which are fatal for dogs or if he accidentally chewed chocolates which are bad for dogs as well. How I wish this vet clinic was already here when my three dogs needed a vet the most.

Today, I taught him how to walk like a dog. Of course he can walk, but I taught him how to walk with a master. I've learned that the proper way of dog walking is when the dog walks either beside or behind its master. A dog that walks in front of its master is not a disciplined dog. Dog walking is essential to dogs not just for physical exercise but for many reasons. Click here.