I love my dog.

He has green eyes just like yours.
He’s got brown hair just like yours.

He is half-breed just like you.
He is just like you.
He reminds me of you.

My dog is here, and you’re far there.
In 17 Again movie, a boy named Alex walked up to his crush and said, ”I just.. just want to tell you that you look like my dog. Your hair. Your hair looks like my dogs hair because uhmm.. It’s shiny and then it’s soft..”

I’ll never forget that line from that movie. Imagine someone telling you how they adore you because you look like their dog. But yeah, it happens in real life. No, not to me! I was watching The Millionaires Matchmaker and there was a guy who told his beautiful date how she looks like his dog. Hahahahha Surprisingly, both women who were compared to a dog didn’t get offended. Nice ladies.

I love my dog, but not as much as I love you.