"Expose, Explore, Experience" Nido TCV

Humayo ka, kaibigang Tom Sawyer..
Maglakbay kung saan mo man maisip..

I'm not Tom Sawyer. I'm not even Judy Abbott. I'm just a girl who pretty much always looking for simple everyday adventures who doesn't care if I get dirty along the journey.

Today is a very good day. I woke up around 1am from my dog's cry. I had to walk him again across the highway where he dumps his poo. As I walked the street, I saw how clear the sky was. I've never seen such since the town had been covered with thick clouds everyday. The stars were all visible and scattered in the sky. It was beautiful.

I woke up around 5am, it was still dark. It didn't rain. The street was dry. The wind was cold. I decided to take a walk with my dog. As we walked along the highway, I saw Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal weren't covered with clouds for the longest time. I hurriedly run back to our house to get my camera-phone.

Before Sunrise

I grew up in three neighborhoods. One of that neighborhood was in Daang Mauban. I met kids from around my age there. It was summer of 1996, I was incoming Grade 2, when I enjoyed the most of my summer days as a kid on. My playmates and I would fly a kite at the nearby open field or play all afternoon at the public playground. We would walk through rice fields and/or the river outside the town to get to the other part of the town instead of just simply use the street. We would swim at the river or play in the rain to get refreshed. I miss it.

That is why, I keep a dog. toinks And here's our adventure together today: