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I would like to send my million thanks to this guy (@) who commented the solution to my blog problem a year ago. He's also the first one to leave a comment on my blog. Sweet! ;)

Yeah, I've seen this before. You have all the settings/etc correct but the link just won't show up. The Posting widget sometimes gets 'corrupted' (which is just a way of saying I don't know what's wrong but it doesn't work) and has to be reset.

The easiest thing to do is Goto Layouts>Edit HTML and at the bottom of the page is a link for
Revert widget templates to default - (Note - DO NOT pick the Revert to classic template link)
You should click on that and it will say it will reset the widget templates and you say OK.

All this does is reset all the widgets to their default configurations - No data is lost.
The only time doing this could be a pain is if you've customized the widgets templates they would need to be redone - but looking at yours that shouldn't be necessary.
This won't affect the rest of your template like images, colors and what. It will only reset the widgets themselves.

The comment link should appear after that.

Here's my blog problem>>>
Dear Bloggers,

I have a little trouble with my blog. Most times, I often solve things on my own when I want do something with my blog, like, when I have to find right scripts or whatever, I use Google or Dynamic Drive. I use Yahoo! Answers too, sometimes. But there's one thing I can't figure out - ever! It frustrates me. I need to know why the hell the comment link here on my blog does not appear??! Did I accidentally erased anything when I edited the html of my current template?

There's one blogger I know of that also had this kind of problem but she just shut down her blog recently. Maybe I should e-mail her, she's a celebrity, that's why I'm thinking twice if I really should! :)

Anyway, please don't tell me to go to my settings. I've done that million times. I'm not stupid.

The comment link doesn't appear here:
I've been going back and forth to set/enable comment link here:

Also here:

But nothing seems to work. Arrrggh!

Like I said, I've been researching..
This one doesn't work, click here.
This one doesn't work as well, click here.

Is it this one that I'm missing?


  • Blogger Comments require the use of certain template tags; If you have a template without these tags, Blogger attempts to automatically inject them into your template when you enable Comments, but there's a chance it won't work perfectly. You can check on this by comparing the default template tag code with the injected code in your template (it should be near the post byline).

I don't want to risk reverting my current template to the default one just so the comment link would appear. (Yeah, maybe if I get to have a lot of time.)

I don't care if no one really care to comment.
I just really need some professional help to fix this.
Please help!

Thanks a lot!


P.S. Or explain everything to here.