My Nephew, Enzo, is the next..

Vincent Van Gogh?
We'll enjoy coloring books together when you get a little older. Or AM I the one who will enjoy more? Nyaha I love coloring books. I love using Crayola Crayons. I'll be the first one to teach him how to paint the right and proper way. I, myself, don't even know that but since he's 20 years more younger, I think I can do the trick.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?
I promise, I will be devoted to you in teaching you how to play the piano the way I know how. Hehe That "the way I know how" means I'm not really good at playing it. I can't really play the piano like I took some lessons. I just know a little how to read the notes, something I learned from his father. Anyway, we will stay play together and from there we'll see where he goes.