I'm Riding on a Pendulum

My Dad told me several years ago how life works like a pendulum. He explained it to me vividly. I just wish I could explain it here on my blog the way he did. Problem is, I got no keyboard. I couldn't type with my both hands. I'm using the On-Screen Keyboard which gives me a little help.

I'm riding on a pendulum right now. Actually, we all are. Mine swings with a maximum force at the moment. I'm being carried to the extreme left side and to the extreme right side as well. The right side is the positive side and to the left is the negative one. You do not deserve the best, if you aren't to experience the worst. The good news and the bad news. Happiness and sadness. Great opportunities and massive struggles.

While I'm enjoying the ride, I'm aware that on TOP of all this..
The clock is continuously ticking.