I dont think drunk people dont know ehat they do. As I type these words, ye s im drunmnk, i just came outside with my college friends. some wwqernet present some were there, very few. i remember i will only remembrer few of this tomorrow,. wowm, my head sipns, my head achjes,. i trust my college friend that why i drubnk with them tosy. i get drunk in short perdio in few shots. right now, i;m home i aldreadfy heve thow up twice. i was iam retyping this because i feel like im i a writer and i should knw hat is happening to everyone i should know hgow i act. i get to be so taklative when i drink too much or ill get sleeepy and fall asleep like the last time, last year with college friends again. i somehow trust them tha's why i drink with them up to when i cant hold it anymore., i kinmda remember everything, but oh boy the alcohol its just wow it really ,makes your brain and senses odonet work together, know understand why google put that olasb when you cant send an weemail if you cant muktoipeley
im really drunk and my head aches, i wanna g rest my head it hurts.

good night happt nmew yraer.

ae. XD cheers!