The Bagket List of a Self-confessed Bagaholic!

I love bags.

My love for huge bags developed on my senior year in high school. That was when I chose and bought my first large shoulder bag I loved.

I do love shoes too, but not as much as I love bags. Shoes are picky and snobs. Shoes look beautiful on stands but once you tried them on, they have a tendency not to look good on you. Those instances just break your heart. Bags are beautiful and helpful. They look good when you look at them. Makes you feel good when you carry them. And the fact that bags hold your stuff is beautiful enough.

My love for bags is so real, I won't be caught carrying fakes. I'd rather have cheap bags on my arm than buy an imitation just because I can't afford these:
  1. Bottega Veneta Nappa Woven Bag
  2. Chanel Red Classic 2.55 Bag
  3. Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag
  4. Herm├Ęs Birkin
  5. Louis Vuitton Never Full Damier

I just can't die without getting myself one of these bags or all of these bags. If fortune will be on my side to get a chance to buy all of these bags for myself, then, that's the time I can finally say, "Oh I'm in heaven!" (Though I'm really just standing next to my closet.)