How Bad is Bad Breath?

My dad is old and has bad breath (the old man doesn't give a shit anymore), I can tolerate that 'cause he's my dad. My brother sometimes has bad breath because he's a smoker, I can tolerate that 'cause he's my brother. My dog always has bad breath, I can tolerate that 'cause it's a dog.
My officemates has bad breath because of empty stomach due to skipping meals to finish a certain task and/or not brushing their teeth after meals. I can tolerate that, it's not like everyday they have bad breath.

So, when is bad breath intolerable? When is Bad Breath BAD?

Bad breath is bad when it's my breath that is bad; when I have flu or colds, when I need to consult my dentist, when I'm super hungry and my mouth gets very dry, when forgot to carry my toothbrush with me outside. I can't tolerate that I, myself, has bad breath.

Use Listerine or wear a bell?

Neither! Few people might think that a possible remedy for bad breath is eating. Yes, eating!

Eat a banana. You probably already know to avoid notorious stink foods like onions, garlic, cheese, and coffee (or at least brush vigorously after eating them). But did you know that if you're on a low-carb diet, you might have "ketone breath"?[1] Basically, as your body breaks down fats instead of carbs for energy, it creates ketones, some of which are released in your mouth. Unfortunately, ketones smell bad, and so will your breath. If you're on a strict carb-restricting diet, or any diet that forces you to burn fat instead of carbs, consider throwing healthy carb-rich snacks into the mix, like apples or bananas. wikihow.com

Unripe guava has been said to aid bad breath as it contains tannic and phosphoric acids. dmacc5502.wordpress.com

If you are not allergic to avocados, you may want to try eating 1/2 to a whole one each day. You'll notice right away that your breath stays fresher longer and the more you eat them, the less problem you'll have with your breath. I happened upon this little benefit of the avocado while eating them to control my blood pressure, so I did a little research. I've included a link you can go to, but just do a google search and you can find all the info you need. Good luck. healthexpertadvice

Regardless of how severe your breath odor is, using parsley for bad breath is not going to do any harm, in fact it's nutritional value alone is a good reason to use more of it. Add a fresh sprig to your dinner plate or decorate your sandwich with a cluster of leaves. Throw some into salads to get a fresh sharp taste reminiscent of celery. Some people carry a handful around in a plastic bag in a pocket so that they'll have a parsley remedy for bad breath whenever they need it. Though not the most powerful breath remedy around, parsley is a healthy choice, and surprisingly effective in the short term. ezinearticles

It has been used extensively for oral care owing to its germicidal and breath freshener properties. No wonder it is hot choice for chewing gum makers and tooth pastes. Researchers say that even deadly disease like cancer may be cured using some of the enzymes present in mint. Lastly, it is delicious to eat as chutney in local street preparations. greenherbalremedies