2010 Resolutions Recap

  1. I'll participate in the Philippines 2010 Presidential Elections. I sure did.
  2. I'll buy myself a notebook.But I bought myself the SE Elm that I wanted.
  3. I'll travel and discover my own country. I went to Ocean Park, Binondo, National Museum, and Marikina City's Shoe Museum. I guess I still travelled, right?
  4. I'll closely watch the FIFA World Cup in South Africa on TV.I was closely updated through twitter. =)
  5. I'll post all the missing entries here on my blog.Nope, I wasn't able to published it here. And I'll probably upload them on my tumblr, not here on blogspot.
  6. I'll volunteer! I didn't. :(
  7. I'll love my job or get the job that I love. I quit.
  8. I'll meet more people -- NO. Screw it, I'll get a boyfriend! Neeeeexxxxxt..!
  9. I'll read more!Yes, I have read pleanty of books this year compared with the past years.
  10. I'll make this year an AWESOME one. I tried.