a missing piece that will surely not be missed.

hi bby! i now na pgod ka

pro ng-aala2 ako pra sau bkt
ka solo ha bka kng no mngyari
sau pahinga ka mbuti bka
mgkasakt ka d ng rn ako
mka2log isip dn kta mis u ---

Hi! Muzta na u ha? Miz na kta
ko mis mo? Lm mo miss cll ko
nna ung landline nmin sori ha
la pa me lod ngaun e nkkitxt lng ko
sa cel ko na lng ka rply ha miz u
luv u lm mo exite me sa wed kc
bbstedn mo na ko e
luv u mizz............u ---

hi bby muzta ka na? lm mo
d me mkatlog kc guilty ako
sa UTUL KO to skn ka na lng
mg txt ha luv u ingat ka wag
ka magpapagod ha luv u -----

Hi muzta ma uha? sori kng d
kta pnapnsn kc nhi2ya lng ako
sa mga kgagohang gnwa ko sau e
sori sna d na lang kta nligwn
d nman ako mrunong mgdala
ng relasion e

Spag nman ng bby ko ,
ako rn
nman e d ppnta sa skul miz u
2lg na ko ha pti ikw uwi ka ng
d lsing ha luv u!

Once upon a time... I fell. And when I stood up, I have learned the lessons of love. Suuh-weet.

But before the lessons were presented, there were so many craziness that happened first which I'm about to tell you now. I'll only share the brief of it! I haven't shared this story to anyone for the longest time. Damn.

It all started like this:

My friend Jackilyn was my seatmate during 3rd year in high school. She was going crazy for this guy who's classroom was just right in front of our room. One time while our class was going on, we were trying to look for her guy inside that room. We tried to communicate with this other guy, a classmate of the Jackilyn's guy, who was standing at their classroom's door. I wrote down a message at the back of my notebook asking if the guy we were looking for was already in there. He shook his head. So we continue to exchange "signs" using my ballpen & notebook and his head nods. My friend and I found this guy cute so I wrote down this message and let him read it: YOU'RE CUTE. Next thing we know, we were already friends. And we were already exchanging numbers. And we were already liking each other. Well, that's what I thought.
A little fast forward.
He was running for the school council. I supported him. I voted for him and him only, though I had to fill out 5 councilors. But only I wrote down his name five times without voting other names. Absurd, it was still counted as just 0one vote. Then it was the Acquaintance Party all of a sudden. We talked. We danced. Yes, I used to dance. Silly. I was soo happy.

A week after I met him I said yes.
And a week after that, we broke up.
Well one of the reasons was he calls my friend's house, not to talk to me, but to chat with her.
They were textmates, without me knowing about it.
And because.. He wasn't just that really into me.

We both decided and remained friends that time. Like most immatures do.

Today.. I considered him as a part of me. A part of my past you can say. A puzzle piece that completed me. He's a lesson a girl should learn. Of course, a girl should let herself fall first. And by the time she stood up, she should remember the lesson that was presented to her. She has to let go and move on forward.

If it wasn't for this guy, I wouldn't know who's a player and who's for keeps.