I'm not the Little Prince so I won't ask you to draw me a sheep.

But would you draw a pig? Or a house??

I just wish I could draw. Of course I can. But my drawings are hideous. Painting is reaching for the stars, I just truly wish I could draw.

I have found this site two or more years ago drawapig.com. The pig you will draw will reflect your personality. Isn't that exciting? Naah, of course not. You'll probably visit the site because you are bored or something.

I don't know if there are people who never get to draw something when they get bored. Drawing something is popular during school days. It's when the class gets boring because of the boring discussion of a boring lecture by a boring teacher. You start to look for blank space in your notebook, mostly drawings happen at the back of your notebook where all the clean spaces are there. What to draw then? Random drawings I guess.

Like an anime character like
Hanamichi Sakuragi of Slum Dunk!

This anime television show was a hit. It was hilarious.
Very funny show. Really stupid. A high school seatmate
drew this.

Or maybe the boring class will be a little more fun if
we try to draw the boring teacher himself!

My seatmate drew this. He drew our Professor
while he was up front talking to class.
My classmate and I were giggling on our seats
when our professor looked us at and he said,
"Tawa kayo dyan ha. Mamaya pinipinta niyo na pala ako."
Wahahhhhahahhahhahha. We couldn't burst into laughter
after he said the exact thing we were doing.

Surprisingly, I didn't know people would actually draw
something when they are at work! Not unless maybe they are artist?
A graphic artist perhaps? Maybe. Or maybe they are just also bored working!

I wonder what was my officemate was thinking
when he was drawing this monster --
oh, sorry.. what was that? Oh that's a man.
Yes, it's a man. It look more like a monster to me.

A drawing myself did... TAAAAH-DAAAAAHHH

(Click the image for larger view.)
I kinda remember drawing this. As you can see it's an alien.
Maybe it's a young little female alien. Why would I draw an alien?
I don't know, I don't remember why. Maybe because I was bored like hell.
It was our Literature class I think. The most exciting class!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lie.

You enjoyed drawing the pig, didn't you? Now, draw a house. Enjoy!