Speaking of cheating..

I even laughed at myself after getting this low score. I purposely kept this sheet of paper. For this paper shows how honest I am.

Don't look down on me..

Because I get high scores as well from time to time. I don't remember studying. I don't study. I never like to study.

Getting a score like this one would probably mean that miracles do happen. I don't mean like God has sent me his Angels from heaven to whisper on my ears the right answers.
The only days I remember mostly giving much time to study was during my 2nd year in High School for Biology subject and it repeated again when I was taking up Biology in college for General Biology class.

From my 2nd year of college, in BA Communication, up to my 4th year I sat between these two boys. Name listed below. (Click the image for larger view.)

Sitting beside my left side was Brian, a Magna Cum Laude. TJ, a Cum Laude, was sitiing to my right side. Not once I have cheated. Not once I copied their answer.
But yes, there were times I got to see their answers. But I always get frustrated after getting a glance of it. Because I could compare my answer, and it's frustrating to know in advance that my answers were wrong. When our answers are alike then I'm lucky.

Sitting between them never made me cover my answers during an exam or a quiz. Because I trust them.

But let me tell you this.. I used to cheat. Back when I was in high school I was not a master of cheating but I cheated. Master of cheating, cheated a little -- what's the difference? What happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas. So I left the my cheating in high school when I went to college.

Yeah, I used to write down notes on a tiny piece of paper. Sometimes the reviewer itself becomes instant kodigo. I have written down on my hand and on my table. I used to sit on my notebook during quizzes. I was not the worst cheater. Because I was never caught.

But all these is a waste of time.
Waste of time getting the notebook and looking for the answer in the notebook. Waste of time figuring out what you have written down on your table. Waste of time searching for the right answers on your "reviewer." Waste of time getting a high score when in fact you didn't understand the lesson and you didn't know hardly at all.

Honor and Excellence: "If it's not you, who will do it?"