time set.. ready .. now

How old are you? >21

What’s your middle name? >You mean middle name, eh? Engracia

If you could legally change your name, what would you change it to? >Hello Clarice. Doh. No way. Maybe Jasmine, just maybe.

Any body piercings? What do you have, and what do you want? >I pierced my tongue. I have like two pairs of piercing on my ears.

What’s your relationship status? >Thanks for making that clear. Yes, relationship status single. Employment status, it's very really bloody complicated. Not funny.

What is your natural hair colour? If it’s dyed, what colour is it? >Black? Yeah, blackish black.
Whatever. I'd color it with whitish blonde something like that. And half of the whole ..whatever I'm taking too much time here answering.

What’s your eye color? >Blue. Oh sorry, I didn't delete that last answer from a stranger. Mine's black. Yeah, brown whatever.

Would you change it? >Please yes, I'd like red. Orange is a good one too. But purple would be the best. I'm kidding, you nuts.

What’s your hair type (curly, wavy, straight)? >Straight.

Do you get along with your neighbors? >Nope. Naah ah.. never. No.

Which of your parents are you more like, personality-wise? I doooon't know. Both probably. Definitely.

What about looks-wise? >Mom.

Favorite summer drink? >Water, warm is good for the health really. Cold water, sucks dude.

If you’re in school, what grade are you in? >Pardon me?

What’s your future career going to be? >Becoming a film director hasn't occurring to me yet. I'd prefer to be a Production Assistant as of the moment.

Planning on college? >Ha? Pardon meee?

Favorite boy’s name? >Marcus. Joshua/ Josh/ Justin. Love them.

Favorite girl’s name? >Martina is nice, sounds very bitchy.

Do you like to read? YES. I got like lots of books but not lot-er that AJ's collection. Sadly, I got few time to read 'em. And if I may add.. I prefer references books than novels. Boring and slow pacing novels put me to sleep and when I wake up, I forget about the book.

Do you like to write? >That I cannot answer.

Favorite movie? >Adam's Apples. Yeah, I know you've never heard of it.. it's a Dannish film with only four or five major characters and like only six extras .. and I'm getting nerd here. Neeeeeext..

Who are your best friends? >That would be my Dad. What? You can't be friends with your parents now. Fine. I have like four from high school. And I have like three or more very close close friends from college. I'm pretty close with all of my.. not all-all but most of my college classmates. And I do have male friends too. Close male friends.

What kinds of grades do you/did you get in school? >I don't study, honey. Stock knowledge, baby.

Where were you when 9/11 happened? >Most probably, most likely.. I was celebrating my birthday with my high school classmates. Yeah, that's what I vividly remember.

Where were you when the Columbine school shootings happened? >No. I'm like million miles away from that school. Hello? You're not making any sense. Please.

Favorite magazines? Vogue. hahaha joke. I like.. err... ahhmm.. oppsie.. i have no favorite magazine. I didn't know that until you asked me.

Where were you born? Mandaluyong City.

What’s the last thing you bought? >To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. And I borrowed like 75 bucks from my Dad, I was not carrying enough cash that day.

Do you drink? >It's a secret. And I'm a liar.

Do you drink coffee? >Do you know how much grateful I am for that first person who discovered coffee. What if we're living in a world without coffee or it hasn't been discovered yet? The world would be sad and a sleepy place to live in. Terrible. That's also how I feel for chocolates.

Three words to describe your fashion sense? Sensitive. Non-sense. Sensational.

Do you have a blog (either a personal Xanga, blogger, Tumblr, whatever)? >Say it. I have it. No myspace. Douche.

Did you see Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” video? Do you even like Gaga? >Why? Did you see it? How was it? I haven't yet. Wait I'm gonna check it on youtube. Ok. I'm back, my internet connection sucks. I like Gaga. She's a.. uhmm.. gaga. There. So, No.

Where do you work? >How dare you ask me that question.

What’s the last thing someone borrowed from you? >I'm thinking.. I'm thinking.. I'm absolutely sure it's not money though. I'm broke. Literally. Wait, what's the question?

What song was really popular when you were in middle school? >What's middle school here? Hmm.. Ok, let's presume it was back in high school. We have Linkin Park. And Black Eyed Peas was huge.

What about your freshman year of high school? >I said it, meehhn.. Linkin Park. Britney was still earning then. Big Yello Taxi was like in Myx Top 10. Yeeaaahh.

Do you exercise? >I'm sorry I didn't get the question. Let's just proceed to the nest one..

Do you have A/C in your house? >Yeah, like we have one but it's in my grandparents house.
We'll get it soon. Not so soon.

Do you use A/C while you’re driving? >No. I don't have a car. I never drive cos I don't know how.

How much does it cost to fill your car with gas usually? >Were you even paying attention? Dude. Read above. Moron.

What deodorant do you use? >Dove stick.

How old are your siblings, if you have any? >I have a 6 year old elder brother. Opps.. he's 27. My bad.

What makeup, if any, do you wear? >I don't. I don't have time to put make up. I don't know how to put it on. I don't shop make-up.. like I have a very tight budget. And I hate the fact that you have to remove them before you go to bed or else you're dead. That's the number one rule in wearing make ups.

Do you shave? >.<

Ever dyed your hair an unnatural color? >No. Sometimes I do want too.. like blue or orange. Like elmo ro cookie monster. Never Yellow. Big Bird sucks. Even his name sucks.

Ever made a remix of a song? >No. But I have always been wanting to make a girl version of Jenny by The Click Five into "Billy" and Neyo's "Go on Girl" with Go on Boy. I'm a genius. No. I don't know anyone who's name is Billy. No, it's not from real life's experience.

What are some things you like to do that most other people consider childish? >I do what I want. I was considered a little childish at work. Cos I'm bubbly and.. cute.

Do you think you act your age? >?

Are you tan? >I'm an Asian.

Favorite eye color? >Green is like the rarest so it's lovely. Hazels' are good too. And blue eyes? It's like eyes of robots. Weird. But it's still cool.

What colors are your room? >I have like an attic. I don't have a room, technically speaking.

Worst trend right now in your opinion? >the scarves, it's hideous.. thank god it's not a trend anymore. The flip flops craze... cheap.

If you get married, will you take your partner’s name? >I guess soo? Because I'm the girl and I will take my husband's name.

Ever been in an open relationship? >I don't even have any idea what that is. Was I born like many many years ago and I don't know these things?

If you’re single, how long have you been single for? >Years ago. So many years ago. Stop it.

Do you know how your parents met? >Yes. They have different versions though. My Dad's story is a little more valid than my Mom's.

Are your parents together, separated, divorced, never married, what? >Yes.

What age did you first get internet at? >I was in grade six. Twelve years old that time.

What age did you first get a cellphone at? >Same answer as above.

What year were you born? >1988, year of the rock and roll.. was dying.

What’s your favorite decade? >Can I say the 90s because I was there.

Do you own any antiques? >Yeah, wanna bet? My cellphones like one already and my pc especially its internet connection.. sooo slow -- soo antique.

How much was your last paycheck? >^+%^%^

Do any of your friends live alone? >No. Few people could do that.

Does your car have bumper stickers on it? >Yes, it's says: Shit Happens. Like right now.

Do you hate anyone? >You mean You? Yes?

Did you order a yearbook for every year of high school? >You guys order it? Seriously? Ew. We have like a yearbook after graduation.. which also sucks cos that means it's only one. Yes, one.

Did you get a yearbook in elementary school? >I don't even remember if we do have.

Do you use MySpace or Facebook more? >I'm tired of them both.

Do you do drugs? >I don't. I don't do drugs. I take drugs, yes. But I don't so them.

Do you smoke? >YEEEEES. Happy?

Do you drink coffee? >Are you nuts?

When is/was your 18th birthday? What about 21st? > My 18th birthday was three years ago.
My 21st was a year ago. That's the most boring question ever.

Favorite band you’ve seen live? >Bamboo. Bamboo is hot. Nathan's hot. Ira's hot. And Vic too.

What kind of phone do you have? >Like a phone with it's keypad on.

Do you have a friend that REALLY gets on your nerves sometimes? >No. If you were my friend maybe, cos these questions are endless dude.

Ever dated someone of a different race? >Just different perspective.

What religion are you? >I have faith.

What’s your stance on abortion? >People should not have sex when they're not planning to have kids. Buy condoms, if you really need to. If poor, JUST DON'T.

Do you believe in global warming? >You don't need to see it to believe it cos global warming is like love.. you can't see it but you feel it.

Ever get a ticket? If so, what for? >Tickets for free? Yeah, I got two free tickets for Pacquiao-Clottey boring match. Was it even a match? I know what ticket you are talking about. I was just trying to be silly.

Do you speak any other languages? >Oui. Et toi? Parlez vouz anglais? Je suis parle le petit la Francois. Nooo...Forget it. Oh.. nagsasalita ako ng Tagalog at Ingles. hahaha

Do you care what people think? >Not most of the time. Yeah, sometimes.

How Is your life? >I'm trying to live as I should be. The End.