Let's Go sa Binondo

I was not really into food tripping.
But I discovered there's more to food trip than meets the eye.. or should I say, there's more to food tripping than eating the food.

Let's Go sa Binondo: To see the Binondo Church. To go to the country's China town. And to eat authentic Chinese foods.

I've been wanting to go to Binondo. I've been asking my friend Mae to go with me. I feel like there's something exciting and special about the place. I even have this thought of moving to Binondo to maybe learn to speak Chinese. The thing is, most of the Chinese there speak Fukien not the widely spread Mandarin.

Yesterday, I finally got to visit Binondo again after many many years. I was with my dad and we ate at a Chinese restaurant.

A typical street in Binondo
Filipino - Chinese Friendship Arch

One of many Kalesa in Manila
The Binondo Church

233-235 Dasmarinas St.
corner Yuchengco St., Binondo Manila

Ying-Ying's Menu
Cold Green Tea

Siopao and Siomai
Dumplings and hot tea

Savory beef curry and a bowl of rice
That's my dad having Spicy Chicken Mami