Ms Aprilette Cada-Devanadera

BA Communication IV

26 July 2008

“To deprive a person of education is to deprive him of the chance to lead a more meaningful life.”

Don’t discourage other people even if he is an educator or not, because he is a person and he is a human.

Failure results from sadness. Sadness comes from depression.

The best example I could share is from personal experience. I’m really passionate with what I am studying. I’m dedicated to finish a four-year course degree to get help me job that I want. But here comes my cousin who said I’ll just end up as a call center agent. Sure, it’s a decent job and people there earn lots of bucks. My cousin didn’t finish college and now she’s telling me I’ll end up in a call center like her? I should have been discouraged but I didn’t. So I took what she said and made her statement an inspiration to strive harder and do all the best I can.

When a person is looked down or deprived. His journey might end just as easy as that. Depriving people is like not giving them a chance; chance to succeed, chance to inspire other people, and chance to lead other people in a more meaningful life.