My Weekend To Do List

Blog one or two topics.
Attend my nephew’s baptismal, be his godmother!
Watch Photoshop video tutorial.
Play Canon’s Pachelbell, haven’t been playing the piano since my dog eat my piano’s adapter.
Go out with high school friends.
Polish my advertorial.
Loooooooong Email.
Pay my landline and internet bills.
Scan my my past two or four payslips.
Learn excel? Not that I know how to use excel, but I need some improvements.
Look for possible opportunities as a Production Assistant. My dream job!
Huwag awayin si Daddy.
Get a haircut. My hair needs some maintenance too!
Meet my mom.
Color my nails! Red? Blue? Black? Ohh.. black!
Less facebook, less twitter.
Change my twitter's username. I'll have to do a lot of weighing pros and cons first. Hmm..
Come back to Manila before 6pm of Sunday.